Hot Wheels™ Monster Trucks Live is the show you can’t miss!

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live will bring everyone’s favorite Hot Wheels Monster Trucks to life, combining Hot Wheels’® iconic jumps and stunts with epic crashing and smashing to deliver an exhilarating family entertainment experience for kids of all ages.

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Go Big! They are Fast, Loud, High-Flying and Hard-Crashing! You won’t believe a truck can do that! Up in the air, upside down, on four wheels, two wheels or even one. From super-fast to super-charged. From spin-out to save. The stars of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live are elegant, insanely powerful, spectacular beasts.

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live is a great deal for the whole family. Kids have the opportunity to see Hot Wheels Monster Trucks up close, meet Monster Truck drivers during the Crash Zone Pre-Show Party and get autographs following the show. Each show also features the awesome Car-Eating, Fire-Breathing, Transforming Robot Megasaurus and the mid-air motorcycle acrobatics of the Superstars of Freestyle Motocross!

This is unlike any Monster Truck show you’ve seen. Monster Truck enthusiasts challenged us to build a show for the fans. Families challenged us to create an affordable, exhilarating event for everyone from kids to parents and grandparents. Everyone challenged us to put on a show that would create memories to last a lifetime.

Challenge Accepted.