Driver Rodney, Tweedy
Name: Rodney Tweedy
Home Town: Jonesboro, Illinois
Driving Since: November 2019

Rodney aspired to be a monster truck driver at a very young age when his parents took him to see the Original Monster Truck, BIGFOOT®, for the first time. Growing up, Rodney spent hours playing and racing with Hot Wheels cars and monster trucks, he knew he wanted to someday get behind the wheel of his very own monster truck and perform epic stunts in front of cheering fans. Rodney’s dream came to life in 2001 when he bought his first real-life monster truck. His first competitive show was in Topeka, KS, driving as “Boogeyman”. He recalls being so nervous that he forgot to affix his helmet strap and during his first jump, his helmet flew up because it wasn’t strapped on. His mouth guard ended up in front of his eyes and he couldn’t see. At that point, he thought “I’m not sure I can do this” but after talking to other drivers and learning all of the important safety measures, he became more relaxed and confident as his career took off! After many years of being an accomplished monster truck driver, Rodney joined the thrilling Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live tour in November as driver of the King of Monster Trucks, BIGFOOT! He made his HWMTL debut in New Orleans and by the third show in Ft. Worth, TX, he won his first HWMTL Titan Cup. While his favorite competition in the show is Wheelies, he gets even more excited about the kids! “In 19 years of performing, I’ve never seen so many kids get so excited and so happy, it’s so inspiring to be a part of an epic family experience!”

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