A wesome This event is filled with non-stop thrills and action that will entertain the whole family. You’ll remember your favorite moments and the legendary monster trucks that defied gravity long after the show is over.

B one Shaker This heavy-duty hot rod is a sight to behold. Whether you’re standing awestruck at his massive size or cheering when he breaks out his patented Skull Smackdown, Bone Shaker has what it takes to have the fans go crazy.

C rash Zone The exclusive pre-show experience you don’t want to miss. Get up close and personal with your favorite monster trucks and meet the drivers. Plus, tons of games and activities

D emo Derby It’s a no-holds-barred free-for-all that’ll have you screaming for more. This survival of the fittest will have you on the edge of your seat until a champion is crowned.

E pic The sheer size of these monster trucks and the exhilarating stunts they perform will entertain you beyond your wildest imagination. You don’t want to miss seeing these massive vehicles smash, crash and race for glory.

F ans The most important part of the Hot Wheels Monsters Trucks Live tour! From the heart-pumping thrills of the show to the fan-friendly Crash Zone pre-show experience, everything is thoughtfully planned with the goal of giving our loyal fans an unrivaled entertainment experience!

G o Big! Go Hot Wheels! The theme for our trucks and fans alike. With trucks this size and action this thrilling, a battle cry is a must. Go Big, Go Hot Wheels!

H ot Wheels Watch the life-sized versions of your favorite Hot Wheels monster trucks do their thing in front of a captivated audience. Collect your favorite replicas, which feature all of the detail and durability you’ve come to expect from Hot Wheels.

I conic BIGFOOT, Tiger Shark, V8 Bomber and Bone Shaker are legends in the monster truck game. To witness firsthand the legendary stunts these unique superstars perform is an experience like no other.

J umps Hot Wheels monster trucks have an unbelievable combination of speed and power that leads to some truly spectacular jumps. You’ll love seeing these massive machines catching some serious air.

K id Friendly The Monster Trucks Live Tour is fun for the whole family. Everything from the concessions, the souvenirs, the Crash Zone Pre-Show experience to the show itself, is created with the goal of a family-friendly show that puts smiles on young faces and gives kids and grown-ups alike memories of an awesome time out with family.

L egend (Bigfoot) The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live tour welcomes the one, the only, the legend, BIGFOOT! All of the stunts and tricks that have led to BIGFOOT earning tons of accolades over a prestigious career will be on display on this tour!

M egasaurus Standing 30 feet tall, this prehistoric car chomper is a fan favorite. Megasaurus is a towering behemoth that is exciting, entertaining and hungry for metal. There’s nothing like witnessing the earthshaking power of Megasaurus in person!

N ap “They’ll sleep well tonight,” a phrase every parent loves to utter. After a day of excitement at the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Tour, your kids just might. Then again, maybe the grown-ups will, too.

O utrageous The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live tour simply has the baddest monster trucks around. Take in all of the action and spectacular trucks and see why this is an ultimate experience.

P ower – With up to 1500 horsepower in their 10,000 pound bodies, these titans are a sight to behold. Capable of achieving incredible feats of strength while maintaining the agility to pull off some truly outstanding stunts.

Q uest  Each one of the Hot Wheels monster trucks and drivers is on a quest to be the best! When you’re watching this show, you’re experiencing the ultimate competition with trucks that have been upgraded to the max to achieve top performance.

R ev These mighty machines revving their powerful engines create a sense of anticipation that drives audiences wild. Luckily, fans don’t have to wait long before the Hot Wheels monster trucks spring into action, fully exhibiting their amazing power.

S mash Observe the awesome power of these monster trucks as they crush everything in their path. No task is too great for these drivers and machines. When faced with obstacles, the response from the Hot Wheels drivers and monster trucks is always “Challenge Accepted!”

T iger Shark Tiger Shark’s goal: To shred ‘em into fish sticks! And Tiger Shark does just that using its awesome shark tooth chomp. Half tiger, half shark, all power!

U pcoming Events Click here to reveal the schedule of the awesome upcoming events. Find one near you!

V 8 Bomber  This super-sized pickup is always on target with its MEGA BOOM attack! V8 Bomber is always on the frontline of the action delivering explosive thrills and chills.

W heelie Who doesn’t love a good wheelie? See these exciting giants leave gravity in the dust and pull off amazing stunts and tricks you never thought possible. Wheelies are awesome. A monster truck wheelie is EPIC.

X treme The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Tour is an event jam-packed with fun and excitement. Get a full behind-the-scenes experience with the Crash Zone Pre-Show Party, marvel at the dazzling stunts and tricks of freestyle motocross, and cheer on your favorite monster truck as it pulverizes all obstacles and competition.

Y ell Something you’ll do when a monster truck does something incredible. You’ll scream and shout for your favorite monster trucks and stunts.

Z oom The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Tour is fast-paced, with thrills at every turn. Everything has been designed with fans in mind to create an action-packed family-friendly experience you’ll be talking about long after witnessing it. Go Big, Go Hot Wheels!