That’s right, BIGFOOT is joining Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live’s stable of larger-than-life Monster Trucks. With BIGFOOT joining the pack, all the ingredients are in place to cook up some huge and exciting entertainment for the whole family with the all-new Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live tour!

“What does BIGFOOT’s arrival mean for Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live?” Simply put, it means the arrival of the Monster Truck classic. Owner/operator Bob Chandler first began building BIGFOOT in 1975, and a legend was born. In fact, BIGFOOT Is the Original Monster Truck, the one that launched a worldwide phenomenon and its legions of fans. Soon after that Chandler continued to make improvements and modifications to BIGFOOT until it grew into the massive behemoth we know and love today. In no time at all, BIGFOOT was a global sensation! Just look at these stats, accolades and fun facts:

  • Listed by Hot Rod magazine as one of the 100 most influential vehicles in the history of hot rodding
  • Induction into the International Monster Truck Hall of Fame for creator Bob Chandler
  • Induction into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame for Chandler
  • Fun Fact: There is no BIGFOOT 13 due to the superstition of the number 13 being unlucky. Also unlucky? The rows of cars in the path of the other BIGFOOT versions, regardless of number.
  • Fun Fact: BIGFOOT once jumped a 727 airliner, breaking a world record in the process.

With that history and legacy, it’s easy to see why Hot Wheels and BIGFOOT are fired up to join forces on the first-ever Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live tour. Ann and Bob Trent, president and vice president of BIGFOOT 4×4 Inc., were more than ready to gush over this shared opportunity:

“We are extremely excited to be part of the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Tour! We just started working with Hot Wheels again and will have multiple products released early next year.  This new series, featuring the Hot Wheels BIGFOOT and the rest of the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks, just pushes this to a whole new level!”

“BIGFOOT is a titan and a legend. BIGFOOT raises every bar there is.”, said Ken Hudgens, CEO of the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live tour.  “The fans are going to go nuts when they see what we have up our sleeves in this tour. BIGFOOT and HOT WHEELS MONSTER TRUCKS LIVE together!”

There is a long history of partnership between Hot Wheels and BIGFOOT going back nearly 30 years, but this current team up means Hot Wheels will be releasing a retro edition of BIGFOOT soon that will mimic what BIGFOOT looks like on this tour! This awesome replica will feature the durability, attention to detail and sheer quality the world has come to expect from Hot Wheels. The name Hot Wheels is synonymous with family fun and the new BIGFOOT entry will be a perfect addition to any collection or play space.

So now with BIGFOOT joining the tour, there is even more excitement around the debut of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live.  This is clearly an experience not to be missed.