The Dynamic Duo That Man the Mics

What’s the ideal complement to the awesome automotive power of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live? A pair of energetic announcers who have a passion for Hot Wheels and always bring the energy to the arena.

Meet Ken Navitsky and Freddie Sheppard, the dynamic duo that man the mics on the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Tour and exceed every awesome quality you could want out of pair of professional emcees.

Ken NavitskyKen Navitsky

Hailing from Sarasota, Florida, Ken was a standout athlete who earned All-American awards in both football and soccer at Minnesota State. He might have started his career in sales, but after his brother-in-law gave his family tickets to a motorsports show, he was hooked and felt the pull to start his own live event company.

When he’s not bringing fans to their feet with his energetic calls, Ken is a proud husband and father who loves spending time with his wife Kelly and his two children. Ken couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Tour and believes all involved with the tour are part of a team that is committed to making Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live the best live motorsports show available.

What is Ken’s favorite part of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live?

The reaction of the fans to seeing these amazing performers and trucks do their thing. We hopefully give the family a chance to let go of their worries for a few hours and just have fun!

What is Ken’s favorite truck and why?

It’s great when you have BIGFOOT in the house! But truth be told, all of the trucks are all kinds of AWESOME!

Has there been a special moment on tour you would like to share?

Seeing a fan hug Freddie in the autograph line because of the reaction her autistic son had to him in the stands. That is without question the best part of our job.

Freddie SheppardFreddie Sheppard

Born on a walnut farm in Northern California, it wasn’t long before Freddie caught motorsports fever and moved to Southern California hoping to nurture this love and do some riding himself and maybe travel the world.

Freddie’s passion for motorsports metal art has led to exciting adventures around the world with teams from NBC, FOX, the Dew Tour, Gatorade, Nike and many more. Freddie’s family is the center of his world. He’s been married to his wife Angie for 20 years and has four kids he describes as “absolutely awesome.”

Currently Freddie is on tour with Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live and “Livin’ the DREAM!!!”

What is Freddie’s favorite part of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live?

That Hot Wheels set out to assemble an ALL-STAR team of drivers, riders, announcers, crew and management to deliver the “evolution of monster trucks” to the world! Challenge Accepted!

What is Freddie’s favorite truck and why?

“I’m torn between two trucks: Bone Shaker due to my love of metal art and rat rods, and V-8 Bomber – simply old-school American steel.”

Has there been a special moment on tour you would like to share?

When Bone Shaker finally got his first win four weeks into the season, and I could hear the raw emotion in Kenny’s voice during the winning interview! To see all the other drivers huggin’ and high fivin’ Cody is when I realized I was part of something great!

With enthusiastic announcers like this calling the action, it’s no wonder the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Tour is the BIGGEST, BADDEST and BOLDEST motorsports experience around. It’s evident Ken and Freddie love what they do. They enjoy getting the opportunity to be so close to this awesome event and interact with fans and drivers alike. Ken and Freddie truly embody the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Tour’s call to action, “GO BIG, GO HOT WHEELS!”