Jan. 3rd-Jan. 4th

Welcome to Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru!

Here is everything you need to know before you go! We hope this helps to answer any questions you may have while you are waiting to enter the experience. 9am -1pm on Saturdays and 10am -2pm on Sundays have been our most popular times! Consider attending later in the day for shorter lines. We encourage you to come after 2pm if you have purchased a ticket for those days!

Audio Soundtracks

Download or play the special audio soundtrack to listen to as you travel through the course.




Click play on each audio file when you reach each section in the drive-thru course to learn more!

Crash Zone


Legends Cars


Monster Trucks


Learn more about our monster trucks by watching these short videos!


Entrance Directions

Ticket Instructions

Please have your event ticket printed or pulled up on a device to be scanned for a contactless experience. Please turn the brightness on your device up to its maximum setting before arrival to aid in the ticket scanning process.

Merchandise & Concessions Redemption Instructions

Merchandise and Concessions Redemption is located after the ticket-booths. Look for and follow the merchandise and concessions redemption sign. Merchandise and Concessions Redemption is located in the far right lane after the ticket booth. Please let the ticket booth attendants know that you have merchandise and/or concessions so they can properly direct you. Please have your merchandise and/or concessions ticket printed or pulled up on a device to be scanned. Disregard the date and time shown on your merchandise and concession tickets. Your merchandise and concessions will be ready for pick up on the day you reserved your event ticket. Merchandise and concessions can ONLY be redeemed at the drive-thru.